Sunday School and Small Group Bible Study
     Colonial Beach Baptist Church is committed to offering life-changing Bible studies for all ages. Classes are designed to offer insight into Gods word that will be applicable to every season of life.

   Sunday School is...

   Sunday School is a place for everyone!

     If you have not attended one of our Sunday School classes, I highly recommend you check out the Bible study classes for all ages available to you Sunday mornings 9:45 10:45 a.m. I'm sure you'll enjoy spiritual growth and fellowship in getting to know others in these small groups it's a terrific place to make eternal friends. All the teachers are committed, capable, and Christlike so you're sure to benefit from the classes.   Every member should be a part of weekly Bible study.


Sunday School & Bible Study Directory

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        Pre-School 3

        Children I
        Children II


        Bell Tower
        Servants of Jesus Christ
        Women of the Word

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